Euroregion Nestos - Mesta: Implementation of Training Actions #EnvironmentYou


On 22th of December 2020 the Vocational Training cycle in the Environmental Management, which was organized by the Euroregion Nestos - Mesta with 120 hours duration in the framework of the implementation of the Work Package 4: Design & Implementation of Vocational Trainings, was successfully completed. During the training period, 180 beneficiaries, who their expertise is in the Primary Sector, were offered the opportunity to gain specialized agricultural-centered skills, useful in order for them to be more competitive actors in the Labor Market as well as to seek for better work chances.

Particularly, the target group has been consisted of the Youth, the NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), the Farmer, potential Entrepreneurs who are interested in the Environmental Management Systems (EMS), organic farming, the green entrepreneurship and the protection of the natural sources. The beneficiaries are derived form or live in the Region of Southern Macedonia and Thrace.

The Vocational Training Programs are the following:


As far as the results of the evaluation survey, filled in by the beneficiaries, are concerned, the vocational training programs not only responded to their needs but also, they will be a helpful tool for the modernization of their knowledge as well as their skills.