EUROREGION Nestos – Mesta , partner of the EnvironmentYou project that was launched in June is implemented in the framework of the Cooperation Programme Interreg V-A “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020”, is organizing the projects 1st  “International Exchange Visit” in Drama on the 24th and 25th of July.

The aim of the International Exchange Visit, which is organised by EUROREGION Nestos – Mesta, is not only to familiarize the participants with the project and its activities, but also to introduce them to the concepts and practices of Circular Economy by taking into consideration participatory and interactive learning approaches. A series of lectures, site visits and field workshops will take place. The selected activities will give the chance to the participants to exchange knowledge, best practices and they finally promote cross-border partnership and collaboration. Last but not least, the participants will have the chance to be engaged in social and ice-breaking activities during the first day.

The International Exchange Visit is part of the projects “Deliverable 5.2: International Exchange Visits” and is related to the implementation of “Work Package 5: Design and Implementation of Networking and Clustering Actions”.

Further details and information regarding the agenda and the planned activities of the 1st EnvironmentYou International Exchange Visit in Drama are available here.

The EnvironmentYou project is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund and by national funds of the countries participating in the Interreg V-A “Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020” Cooperation Programme. 


The Regional Center for Vocational Education & Training to CCI-Blagoevgrad, in the framework of the project "EnvironmentYou - Environmental Management Enhancement by Youth-runed SMEs" which is part of the European Territorial Cooperation program Interreg V-A «Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020» and focuses on the development of specially designed promotion procedures and with the aim of the successful dissemination and effective implementation of the Environmental Management System (EMS) in agricultural enterprises, successfully organized the second face-to-face International Study Visit in Bansko on 09-11 / 09/2021.

The aim of the Greek and Bulgarian partners visit was the promotion and dissemination of innovative technologies and practices applied to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the region of Bansko, which are active in the primary sector. Through the brainstorming sessions between these two countries, a dialogue begins with the ultimate goal of strengthening rural entrepreneurship and creating a strong economy in the cross-border area.


The educational process mainly included face-to-face visits to local agricultural units with emphasis on livestock farming and dairy, business sectors favored by the mountainous, abundant plant life morphology of the location but also to small and medium-sized enterprises that enhance agrotourism.

The contribution of the Chairman of association "United Farmers" was important, as she opened the three-day study visit with her presentation “Innovations in the agricultural sector” and the beginning of a dialogue between the participants.



The educational process continued on the second day with our morning visit to the horse farm 6 km outside the city of Razlog. This is a family business which is built according to European standards and has all the amenities to welcome tourists who have the opportunity to enjoy a horse ride in the forest, to try local organic products and to harmonize with the nature and the landscape. Of particular interest is the use of horses for therapeutic purposes in children with special needs.

The second day continued with our visit to the hotel "Kingdom of Herbs and Mushrooms" which has been an attraction for many journalists and tourists over the years. Each package of herb and mushroom has its name and its healing properties while each room of the hotel has a theme depending on a separate herb. Finally in the afternoon there was a wine taste which has been produced in local vineyards and a variety of cheeses also produced by local dairy farmers.

On the third and last day of our visit, we visited a local stock-farm unit where we watched the process of cattle, sheep and goats raising, following modern and good practices for effective fattening.



In an ever-changing world, in which various different developments create new conditions of uncertainty, education is firmly believed that is the most important tool for adapting to the new data.

The Hellenic Youth National Council (HYNC), oriented towards the adoption of innovations and adaptation to changing conditions, οn 30th of December 2020 organized a 120-hour Vocational Training cycle in the Environmental Management in the framework of the implementation of the Work Package 4: Design & Implementation of Vocational Trainings. During the training period, 60 beneficiaries, who their expertise is in the Primary Sector, were offered the opportunity to gain specialized agricultural-centered skills, useful in order for them to be more competitive actors in the Labor Market as well as to seek for better work chances.

Particularly, the target group has been consisted of the Youth, the NEETs (Not in Education, Employment, or Training), the Farmer, potential Entrepreneurs who are interested in the Environmental Management Systems (EMS), organic farming, the green entrepreneurship and the protection of the natural sources. The beneficiaries are derived form or live in the Region of Southern Macedonia and Thrace.

The course material was uploaded to the electronic platform "e-mathisi" using the asynchronous tele-education method.

The Vocational Training Programs are the following:

  • Vocational Training Program 1: Eco – friendly Business (30 hours)
  • Vocational Training Program 2: Environmental Management Systems (30 hours)
  • Vocational Training Program 3: Natural Resources protection through business activities (30 hours)
  • Vocational Training Program 4: Bio – agriculture mainly in mountainous area (30 hours) (30 Ώρες)

As far as the results of the evaluation survey, filled in by the beneficiaries, are concerned, the vocational training programs not only responded to their needs but also, they will be a helpful tool for the modernization of their knowledge as well as their skills.

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Environmental Management Enhancement by Youth-run SMEs

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